Summer 2020 – hottest jewelry trends

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These designers created beautiful and trendy designs – priced accordingly.
Take a look, draw some inspiration, and find out some more.

In Alexander McQueen’s collection, 2 beautiful black necklaces with black matching earrings were chosen to match a black and white suit.
The top necklace is delicate and the bottom layer is slightly thicker and visible.


The following design includes a fantastic short dark-colored necklace with a longer dark large pendant.

Alexander McQueen Paris 2020

At marieclaire we found inspiration in layering thick and thin god necklaces, together with thick round earings this style will rock in 2020.


More from marieclaire, those gorgeous anklets, provide their own show.

thick necklace thin

The most electrifying designs stand out on Gigi Hadid. This design is from, presented by Gigi. We could not ignore the pictures at

Gigi Hadid at Chanel fashion show

Dainty gold beaded necklace with a triangle pendant

On fire – summer 2020. Half white half black choker necklace with a triangle pendant