Shelves are an essential part of your home decoration. They should be used in almost any type of home decoration style. They are almost certain to add value and energy to your home.
Shelves are diverse and versatile, so if you put some effort into adding them on to one of your walls, it will be very easy to make changes or adapt any shelf to your specific home design.
We decided to create this collection of shelves of many kinds and styles, with a special focus on innovative design, high quality and true value designs that you should have in the back of your mind. created and collected a few unique designs that we paid special attention to.
We reviewed all of their designs and collect the ones that should be of special interest to you –

The self you see above uses a free-standing tree design. It is special to us because it is free-standing, and combines a special design with the true value of a functional shelf.

Next, this shelf is designed as small rectangular offset boxes. Although we might have seen this design, we added it to our collection because we wanted to pay attention to the yellow color and placing many units one next to the other.

A unique design, easily possible as a DIY shelf, is a rather unusual book shelf, with an evolving and opening up design. It uses simple U metal shapes, stacked one next to the other, with a very nice overall layout. This design can be easily implemented DIY using plywood, or ordered from a local carpenter. Pay attention to the horizonal and vertical book stacks:

Superman’s S as a shelf – that one was a bit of a surprise –

2 shelf designs that work well with this black and white room design. Hexagonaal shelves in black and white, placed one next to the other to create a movement effect. White wooden shelves with black pipes. Whether both are needed in this room or not is a matter of personal preference:

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