Pom-Pom cloud with colored drops

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It is so much fun to create this pom-pom cloud with your kid and hang it on the wall. It takes some patience but it is very simple to accomplish together.

You will need:
– A white string
– White pom-poms for the cloud. We used 2 sizes
– Colored pom-poms for the drops
– A wood pick to punch a hole into the pom-poms
– A metal wire


Simple steps to create the cloud

Use your wire to create a cloud shape, it does not necessarily have to be exactly the same shape we used, just as long as you like the shape you created and it resembles a cloud in your mind.
Stick your wooden pick into the pom-poms to create a hole and thread it on to the wire.


We chose slightly larger pom-poms for the bottom part of the cloud.


Now, set your colored pom-poms in lines. Select colors as you wish and choose 6-8 com-poms per line.


Use your white string and glue the pom-poms on to the string. This is the stage that requires some patience, so it might be a good idea to help you child create those drop lines.


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