Over the bed decor ideas – accent walls

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Accent wall colors and textures for the bedroom

Paying special attention to the wall over your bed is worthwhile. A bedroom with walls painted in the same color, usually a light color, sometimes seems just too dull. It is a very good idea to add energy to any room, bedroom included. The question is – what kind of energy? We have collected some ideas and examples for you, mainly to be used when you design your room.

Over the bed – relaxing wall color and texture:

Maisonsdumonde.com is a French home decor design house and shop, where we could find some excellent ideas. The design above uses a simple and low key brick wall painted in a light grey-blue accent. It adds relaxing energy to the room and makes it cozy and welcoming.

The design in the following image uses a dark grey power accent. In this case, they used a light pink bed and chair, natural wood, and small brass items dotted all over the room, so the effect of the dark grey accent wall is not dramatic as it might be. It effectively emphasizes the pink shades.


If you ever wondered how color variants could affect your room decor – here is a good example. Ctendance.fr created a very similar design of a modern pinkish room – this time with a light grey accent wall.

Here the wall blends with the total design and does not emphasize it. It is a little less dramatic, but you get a feeling of a general blur, nothing stands out.


In the following design, they used an accent wall in dark pink over a white bed, a white carpet and white curtains. This makes the room completely different, just by changing the darkness of the pink wall, the room is much more romantic and inviting.


Dark walls – high energy and high impact

Here are a few examples just to show the dramatic effect that an accent colored wall could have. If you choose dark blue or dark green, it will completely transform your room, and you should be ready for a dramatic and energetic effect. It will be much harder to just relax in this type of room:


Also from Ctendance.fr:


How about wall accents in grey over the bed?

Agt.com.tr created a room decor with a grey concrete texture, it’s modern, contemporary, but does it say anything special?


One more from Maisonsdumonde.com.
It is a very nice design, again, modern, but it seems to lack a definite statement:



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