Kids room decorating: DIY ideas to sparkle some magic in your kids’ room

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Enjoy creating with your kids

Spending time with your kids designing, thinking and looking for ideas, and the actual creation of adorable items is nothing but pure joy.
Take your time, pay attention to each step and each detail, and make this a habit you invest time in regularly.

Take the time to encourage their creativity

It is very important to focus on creativity rather than spending energy on creating the perfect design. It is much more important that your little one feels connected to the item you created together than insisting on perfect execution. Just be yourselves and express whatever goes through your minds as a beautiful item you created together.

A few ideas to inspire you

Spen some time browsing through a few ideas, save the ones you both like, and once you feel ready, go back and choose one as your next project.
There are ideas you can easily create on your own from start to finish, and sometimes we were able to find ideas that prepared for you to some extent, all you need to do is add the final touches as your personal signature.

Mix and match wallpaper and furniture

The idea here is just to look for a wallpaper design with bright colors and shapes your toddler (in this case it is a girl, but you could do the same with a boy) likes, and help them find cute chairs or a bench that will work together in the room.


In this case – this pink adorable chair goes with the carpet and wallpaper to create a cozy atmosphere.

Inspiring use of picture frames

Here are a few examples of using picture frames. Take them as a seed and develop your own ideas of how to use picture frames that you might have lying around in your attic. Use different objects in the frame, paint them with bright energetic colors.

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Create beautiful image frames with items your little one loves (Animals, Unicorns, Action heroes), glued on painted wood rectangles. The key here is to use 3-5 frames with bright matching colors.

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Crafts to supercharge you kids’ room

Nothing better to enjoy time with your kids, than to prepare cool stuff to decorate the room. Take a look at those beautiful rainbow hearts and think about items you can prepare together.

Here’s a cute teddy bear that adds a smile to any girl’s face. Hang it in her room above the bed or at any other corner of her choice:


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