Why we all should decorate with plants ?

We did some research, to put some order into this subject, and found that indoor plants will introduce major benefits –

  • Plants and people are a perfect match. Plants absorb CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) that we exhale, and turn it into Oxigen that we inhale.
  • According to research, plants improve air quality.
  • Other benefits, cited by ecowatch.com are: Plants improve mental health, boost the immune system, improve productivity and even improve relationships.

So, we should consider adding plants into our home, the question is – how ?

How to incorporate plants into our home ?

A great comprehensive book titled Plant Style: How to greenify your space by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal has a ton of examples and useful info if you want to go deeper into decorating with plants.

Holly Becker interviewed the authors and extracted some of those wonderful tips.
Pay special attention to:

  1. Bathrooms – They are often the simplest rooms in a house, and can be even a bit boring.
    Use plants to soften them and some energy.
  2. Add plants to shelves, to make them lively and energetic.

Some beautiful, well organized, and helpful tips are presented by residencestyle.com:

  1. Accumulate Plants – using a single plant seems sad, and even useless. It’s better to have several plants together, to offer a rich, energetic and lively feeling.
  2. Hanging Plants – Set up a branch with hanging plants.
  3. Have Pretty Pots, Customize Them – add your personal touch to plant pots.

What plants are best to use in our home?

Look for plants that are low maintenance, durable and thrive in relatively dark environments.

The Cosmopolitan mentions some of the best plants to grow:

  1. Snake Plant – A beautiful plant, also known as a top air purifier.
  2. Zebra Plant – Beautiful and vibrant. Make sure to buy it and start growing it in summer.
  3. Spider Plant – We have zebras, so why not Spiders?
  4. Peace Lily – Elegant, this one is our favorite.

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