Cute framed teddy for your kids’ room – DIY

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We wanted to create something for our kids’ room, it should not be time consuming, just one afternoon, and it should be simple and fun to create together. We were inspired by a framed unicorn and decided to create a cute framed teddy.

You will need:
– A simple thin wood rectangle
– A wooden frame
– Acrylic paint for the background ( we chose white, you could also use dark grey or even black)
– Acrylic paint for the frame (we used a glittering light blue, you could use any bright color that will pop out of the background)
– A teddy bear icon, and maybe a cute crown


A few simple steps

Apply your acrylic paint on the background and frame. Set aside to dry.
Once the paint has dried (just use your finger, touch the paint gently to see if it has dried) use either super glue or a glue gun to stick the frame onto the background.
As soon as the frame is set, stick the teddy and optionally the crown in the center of the frame and on one of the corners. And that’s it! so simple and cute.


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