Creative cool items for your kids’ room – DIY together

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It’s so much fun to create together. Just to feel your kids’ creativity and enjoy the flow of ideas is rewarding and fulfilling. Any project, creating smaller items, or adding large pieces to your kids’ room is worthwhile and you will not regret it.

This boy’s room is full of energy thanks to a small effort invested in painting the wall using a simple geometric shape. On the white parts, simple stickers were added and pom-poms help set the line in between the two parts. You can paint the wall with your boy and choose the items you would like to hang on the walls and there you have it – amazing change.


This charming little store is made of items you could easily find at IKEA mixed with some creativity.


This creative art corner, just to show your kids beautiful pieces could be a great addition to your kids’ room. It uses simple items you could find at IKEA or any DIY shop. Just take the time and create it together.


A beautiful rainbow dream catcher, created by Daria and her mother, Meital and pinned it on the wall in the girl’s room.


Here is a sample of the work process. It was easy to create, just about an hour of work, and they were finished.


3 easy steps – heart rainbow

Beautiful beaded tassel necklace – step by step