Beautiful beaded tassel necklace – step by step

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It is possible to create this necklace if you take the time to buy the different elements and take the time to assemble them.

You will need:
– A light blue yarn
– Neon pink beads
– A white stone
– Golden spacers


First Step – create the tassel

Use your yarn, and create your tassel by wrapping it around a piece of cardboard, and wrapping a string a short distance from the top – creating the tassel loop.


Second step – add your tassel on to the necklace string

A nylon string is recommended to hold your necklace. Add your tassel and lock it in place with your golden spacers and white stone.


Third step – thread your beads

Add your beads on to the necklace string. Your tassel should not move because it is locked in place.


Final step

Finish adding all your beads and add your necklace closure


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